Looking for a way to make a difference, gain some professional experience, and have a great time doing it? The Safe Haven Network is looking for volunteers to join our Auxiliary Board!

The SHN Auxiliary Board supports and promotes The Safe Haven Network through social networking and events to raise funds and awareness. Members are expected to: 

  • Meet in person at monthly meetings, and to maintain regular contact via phone and email between meetings
  • Organize and attend fundraising events
  • Contribute to The Safe Haven Network’s social media presence
  • Participate in the operations of The Safe Haven Network by recruiting volunteers, attending events, etc.
  • Act as an ambassador for The Safe Haven Network to the public by interpreting our mission to the community, representing the organization and acting as a spokesperson

Besides the benefits of helping to build a strong Auxiliary Board to support a worthy organization in its formative years, The Safe Haven Network will provide networking opportunities with our impressive board of directors and professional partners, as well as training opportunities as they become available.

The Safe Haven Network is pursuing a mission that is worthy and ambitious, and we need your help to make it a reality!

To join the SHN Auxiliary Board, please fill out the form below.

SHN Auxiliary Board Volunteer Application

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Injury Policy *
I acknowledge and understand that as a volunteer of The Safe Haven Network, I or my child (if applicant is younger than 18) is not covered by The Safe Haven Network's workers’ compensation or any other insurance policy for any damages or injuries I or my child may sustain during volunteer activities.
Advertising Policy *
I give permission for The Safe Haven Network to photograph me or my child or pet for use in any publication for educational or advertising purposes The Safe Haven Network may designate.
Confidentiality Policy *
I understand that any information I receive about clients utilizing The Safe Haven Network's Safe Haven Referral Program is strictly confidential. I understand that I may not share such information with anyone, for the safety of the clients involved.