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Up to 65% of battered women refuse to leave an abusive relationship for fear of their pets’ safety.  The families that do choose to leave, especially the children, often experience additional trauma when separated from their beloved pets.

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Raise the Woof podcast

with Sarah Lauch

Providing Shelter for Pets of Domestic Violence Victims

by Jennifer Smith Tapp, FW: A Magazine for Chicago Women

The Link In Our Lives

The link between domestic violence and animal abuse is a huge problem because so few people know about it.  As a result, there are few resources for families seeking to escape abuse with their pets, and victims are rarely aware of the resources that exist.

You can help by learning about the Link and sharing what you learn with your family and friends. Knowledge is power, and the knowledge you share may give someone the strength and confidence to leave an abusive situation.

Animal Abuse & Domestic Violence: How Often Are They Linked

April 2016 Training hosted by the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network Centralized Training Institute & The Safe Haven Network