The Safe Haven Network is a shelter referral service that facilitates temporary boarding for the pets of domestic violence victims. 

Our Mission

Pets Are Family Too!

Through partnerships with local animal shelters, we find temporary “safe havens” where domestic violence victims can board their pets while they complete a stay in a domestic violence shelter.  To date, we have placed four dogs for two victims in safe havens, and both families were successfully reunited.

The Safe Haven Network is built on the idea that pets are part of the family and deserve to be safe from abuse as much as the rest of the family does.  We recognize that a victim’s decision to leave an abusive situation begins an incredibly stressful and dangerous period of his or her life.  This is the worst time to add on the stress of giving up a beloved pet, or worse, leaving that beloved pet with the abuser, who has likely already threatened or abused the pet as well.

The Safe Haven Network solves a problem that keeps many domestic violence victims from seeking help.  As our program grows, it will adapt to provide the best and most comprehensive services for pet-owning families escaping domestic violence.  Moreover, by developing partnerships with animal shelters and other organizations that are not traditionally involved in domestic violence response, we are creating a united community to respond to domestic violence.

The Safe Haven Network is based in Chicago, but the goal is to establish a Network in every major city in the country.